Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hi guys, firstly apologies for my lack of posts. With H being home at present with no tours lined up life is just normal and boring. 

Any way, today is my three year anniversary! YES THREE YEARS MARRIED! Last year H warned me that he would never top his gift, a trip in a hot air balloon over West Wales. He was right, haha! I don't tend to compare extravagant gifts, last year H was in Afghanistan and our anniversary happens to fall within R&R, therefore we had more money spare for me to be spoilt! 

This year, H is on summer leave however I had work all day. Whilst sat at my desk all I could think was that I wanted to be at home. Looking at the clock and reliving 3 years ago... 10am - at this time I was having my hair done... Etc etc! Neither of our wedding songs (we had two) were released by the artists so no songs were played on the radio for me to reminisce. Although a song by The Script did come on, and I paused at my desk, let the numbers in my head wander away as I listened to Danny's voice. Humming our song "Im Yours" in my head just after as I made a cup of tea. 

It's hard to believe that I've had a different name for three years. The past three years haven't been hunky-dory to say the least, but he is mine and I am his. I still look at him, stare at him when I think that he's not looking, he always feels my eyes and gets freaked out. He thinks I'm weird. But I could stare at him forever. I know the lines in his face, I know the slope of his nose, the green in his eyes. My handsome hero. 

Technically today was just another day, no acknowledgement from the outside world, apart from those on twitter who responded with "Happy Anniversary" to my soppy anniversary message to H. But I like the fact that this celebration can be one celebrated by H and I alone, we put T to bed (J stayed at his grandparents), H went out to collect an Indian take away and wine, then we watched a movie, cwtched up on the sofa. Just us. 

By saying this people may think that I don't know what's around the corner but... I will love this man until my dying breath. Our relationship isn't all flowers and lace but we love each other. Love is all we need. 

Together Forever!
Forever Together! 

08/08/10 = love!