Sunday, 27 January 2013


So it was a new countdown, however I did feel it was only a small jump to the end. 10 weeks, a walk in the park after the first stint! Whilst back at home my routine was to be put back into place. It was time to numb my brain whilst sat at my desk in work!

Once H had returned to Afghanistan, T had started wetting the bed, every night and sometimes more than once a night. It was heartbreaking thinking that the reason for this was because of his daddy not being around. What must children go through when a parent is deployed, and what effects does this have? Even keeping him occupied during the day cannot avoid what happens during sleep! The only thing I could do was wait for it to pass and pray that it did. The words "When is Daddy coming home?" Were said often before bed. I had to promise him that Daddy would return and bring presents. Once T was in bed it was time for me to convince myself that he would be home safe and sound, and not wet my bed with my tears.

T wet the bed for roughly two weeks. I was very pleased when it passed! However it made me realise that once they stopped it was because he got used to H not being here again! There was no hiding from worry and stress.


Weeks passed in a blur, however thankfully they passed quickly. I hyped up the fact that Daddy would be home soon to T and J, adding to the fact that both of their birthdays were coming up, they were like little bottles of pop!

H's homecoming date seemed to sneak up on me! It was T's 3rd birthday. H landed that morning. I had sorted out his new car for him to collect on his way home. I have to say I wasn't sure whether H was more excited about his new car or seeing me and the boys! I had work during the day and had arranged with my mother to take T for a meal for his birthday. H was hoping that he'd be able to get home in time to surprise T by walking into the restaurant with his birthday cake. I did not tell the children that their daddy was home that day, I wanted it to be a surprise.

T had spoken to H a few days before his birthday and told him he wanted a caterpillar cake. H had asked if T would keep him a slice of cake, and T promised him the caterpillars face. This made my heart miss a beat. I could not wait to see them reunited. I feel for T a lot when H is away, he has no male influence in his life. I'm a "single" mother whilst in the house, my mum looks after him and the childminder is a woman. J still has his biological father who he sees often so missing H isn't so much of a burden for him. Unfortunately now my dad is poorly and living in a care home T doesn't even have his influence. I wish H's family were able to come down and see him more often, at least T would then have his father to look up to whilst his daddy was away.

T clearly looks up to H, and loves him. At the restaurant we ate our meals and I knew H was unable to reach us in time for T's cake. I watched the flames flicker in T's smiley eyes as we sang Happy Birthday. It broke my heart thinking that H was unable to make it. T blew out the candles. As we cut into the cake T blurted out "Keep the face for my daddy, keep the face for my daddy". Thankfully I knew H was on his way home, otherwise I'd have burst into tears.

Once home I got the boys changed into their PJs, and we all sat there waiting. J had worked out that daddy was coming home but T still had no idea. I tried my best to keep them awake, but one at a time they dosed off! I sat there with my sleeping boys, with the biggest smile on my face. My man was coming home! I carried T up to bed and J slowly followed me. I tucked them up, kissing each of them on the forehead. "When you wake your daddy will be here" I whispered to T as I closed his bedroom door. I closed his door, looked up and my legs turned to jelly. H was almost here!! J gave me a kiss and promptly fell asleep, all worn out from excitement that will finally meet its end in the morning with the glimpse of their dad!

I found it hard to settle knowing that this chapter was finally over and soon I could turn the page! The door knocked and he was here! Home! Safe! Our lips connected and nothing could take away the ecstasy I was feeling!


The next morning I woke up, my man at my side. I realised T had sneaked in during the night, he was asleep on my other side. He'd completely missed the fact that there was another body in the bed. T stirred, woke up. He lifted his head from the pillow and made a double take. "DADDY" he screamed jumping over me straight onto H! Wow! Father and son reunited! J must've woken from the activity in our room. He came racing in "Daddy" he said jumping onto our bed. I giggled and just sat there thinking how lucky I really am!

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